4. Kick (Roßwälden, Württemberg)

Margarethe SchurrAge: 48 years17291777

Margarethe Schurr
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Marriage: June 17, 1721Eschenbach, Donaukreis, Württemberg, Germany
9 months
elder brother
Veit Schurr
Birth: March 12, 1722 34 23Eschenbach, Donaukreis, Württemberg, Germany
Death: October 4, 1797Eschenbach, Donaukreis, Württemberg, Germany
1 year
elder brother
Johannes Schurr
Birth: March 9, 1723 35 24Eschenbach, Donaukreis, Württemberg, Germany
Death: March 11, 1807
6 years
Margarethe Schurr
Birth: July 3, 1729 41 30Eschenbach, Donaukreis, Württemberg, Germany
Death: November 28, 1777Eschenbach, Donaukreis, Württemberg, Germany
5 years
younger sister
Christiana Schurr
Birth: March 5, 1734 46 35Eschenbach, Donaukreis, Württemberg, Germany
Death: May 27, 1775Bezgenriet, Donaukreis, Württemberg, Germany
23 months
younger sister


!SOURCE: Chronik von Eschenbach; by Heinrich Hermelink; Published by Bürgermeister of Eschenbach, 1965; Printed by Heinz Wöhrle, Göppingen, Württemberg, Germany; copy owned by Edward G. Rapp.

Ahnentafel (Pedigree) of Michael Rapp, born 20 Jul 1762 in Eschenbach; Records of the Evangelical Church in Eschenbach, Württemberg, Germany; copy owned bt Edward G. Rapp.

!HISTORY: Family registry from the Evangelical Church at Feldstetten, Münsingen, Württemberg, Germany; copy owned by Edward G. Rapp.

She came from L1 when she married Michael Rapp, house number 4 in the lower town of Liebenstein. She was one of the Schurr, Hederlin, and Horn lines which appears throughout the Rapp family relationships.