Fam Heinrich Braun Katarina Thiessen. 1888
Heinrich Braun (1846-1919)and his wife Catarina Thiessen (1849-1911) and Katarina (1874-1919, Anna (1876-1919), Helena (1878-1977), Maria (1880-1919) Heinrich (1882-exile 1933) Margarete (1885-1919), Cornelius 1887-1918) (not pictured Louise 1890-1896) From Katherine Schellenberg Klassen's diary "On December 5th, 1919, Grandfather (Heinrich) Braun, (Mother’s (Helena Braun Schellenberg's) Dad) Aunt Margaret Braun and her husband and Tina Thiessen, a cousin to Mother, were murdered in their house in Steinbach by a marauding band; also Aunt Anna Braun and her husband Cornelius Funk and their five children from age fifteen and younger, were murdered. One daughter, Cornelia, twelve years old, who had been shot through one side of her face, lived. In Ebenfeld, my Aunt Katherine Braun and husband, Bernhard Penner, and their five youngest boys, from one to seven years old, were also murdered on December 19th or 20th in 1919. Siblings Lena, Masha, and Henry escaped because it was dark. Though the killing and robbing occurred only forty wersts (Russian measure of distance just over a kilometre) away, we did not hear of it for a month."
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